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Finished Smartboard Deck

Step 1

Fit boards over supporting joists at 400mm centres (reduce to 300mm for boards laid at 45° to the subframe)

Step 2

Always maintain a 5mm gap between ends and sides of adjacent boards. This gap should be increased to 10mm where boards butt up to a permanent fixture/structure

Step 3

Fit two SmartBoard Composite Decking Screws per joist, through pre-drilled 4.5mm diameter pilot holes

Tip: Position screws at a minimum edge distance of 20mm from any part of a board. The best screw position on the ribbed face of SmartBoard is in the trough of the first rib on both edges of the board.
Smartboard Decking Fitting location

Use SmartBoard colour co-ordinated screws!

For maximum control and perfect finish use a high quality cordless impact driver, stopping the screw head flush with the decking board. The use of the 4.5mm diameter drill bit supplied with every box of 200 screws is recommended to achieve the best looking and trouble free finish. Without pre-drilling, the chance of damaging the coating of the screw becomes greater and depth control is reduced. If using a combi-drill and a suitable torque setting can’t be established then take care not to drive the screw too far below the surface of the board when in drill mode (it is wise to stop short of the surface of the board and manually twist the chuck of the drill to achieve optimum screw depth).

Note: Pre-drilling pilot holes using the drill bit supplied with each box of SmartBoard screws is highly recommended.
Ensure you only use the T-20 Torx drive bit with the special T-Tap tip as supplied with each box of SmartBoard screws.
T-20 Torx Drive Bit
Ensure you only use SmartBoard screws when fitting SmartBoard decking, all other screws are not compatible and may prove problematic.

What to expect

Expect some colour variation to exist between boards upon fitting them, the colour of boards will become more consistent with time. It is also normal for the striped look of the ribbed face to become less evident with time.

SmartBoard may become marked if scuffed during fitting or in use. Marks caused by scuffing are normal and will gradually fade with time.

It is normal for tide mark type water staining to appear on new SmartBoard decking after the first few bouts of heavy rain. The appearance of tide marks will diminish and become less apparent with time as the washing effect of rain diminishes and the weathering effect of ultra-violet light takes place.

Maintaining SmartBoard

SmartBoard should be kept free of debris by regular sweeping and cleaned when necessary using a stiff bristled brush, warm soapy water and rinse with clean fresh water.

To seal and provide added protection to SmartBoard apply CompoCare by Owatrol Ltd, bearing in mind this will create a less matt, more satin finish.

Cleaning SmartBoard

Chocolate Brown and Slate coloured board are better at hiding day to day grime compared to the much lighter Battleship Grey, whereas staining created by fat/oils from food stuffs will be more evident on the darker Chocolate Brown and slate. Regarding removing fatty stains the use of washing up liquid is as good as anything.

The use of a pressure washer is also fine, whilst taking care not to damage or change the look of the surface of SmartBoard by placing the lance too close to it. It is also wise to clean a small inconspicuous test area and let it dry before cleaning the whole deck with a pressure washer.

Use CompoClean by Owatrol Ltd for a deep clean and removal of most stains.

Working with SmartBoard

SmartBoard cuts, drills and routs in a similar fashion to timber but due to its high density, dulls blades much quicker. Note: At present we haven’t managed to find a Jigsaw blade that will cope with cutting SmartBoard cost effectively. Sign up here if would like us to notify you when we do.

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